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Ursula Le Guin's 80th birthday ...

... is October 21 of this year.

Kim Stanley Robinson had the brilliant idea of doing a _festschrift_: "a volume of articles, essays, etc., contributed by many authors in honor of a colleague, usually published on the occasion of retirement, an important anniversary, or the like." Karen Fowler and I have pounced on the idea.

Festschrifts are generally published in a single volume for the recipient. What Karen and I are planning (open to some discussion) is
a single high-quality printed volume for Ursula, plus a website where the contributions can be read, perhaps followed by a
wider-distribution book--but we surely don't have time to do a full book by October 21.

At any rate, we're looking for:

1) a personal memoir or anecdote
2) what some piece of Le Guin fiction meant to you
3) a general critical piece (obviously, this should be more admiring
than fault-finding)
4) a specific critical piece on a work or a series (ditto)
5) whatever else you think memorializes Ursula for you. I'm confident that we can find ways to include music, visual art, recorded messages, and other non-printed-word media.

We need finished pieces by September 7.

We'd like to hear from you if you think you'd like to contribute. And we'd love for you to pass this along to anyone you think should know about it.
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