FIERCENESS (polymexina) wrote in whileaway,

free amazons of darkover

Does anyone know where I can find a copy of the Renunciate oath of the Free Amazons of Darkover by MZB? I loved that they didn't take a man's name, even when they married, and want to remind myself of how awesome that 1st/2nd wave feminist SF/F could sometimes be.

Alternatively, has anyone read any of the posthumous MZB Darkover stuff? I haven't read the series since I was a wee Poly, but I was thinking of re-reading it all if the new books actually conclude the series, and are decent. I preferred the vaguely lesbotronic and feminist Renunciate books (like Thendara House) but felt all right about the male telepaths of the Comyn series, especially since she basically makes these very male heirs to the throne be like Deanna Troi in terms of power use. They're constantly getting penetrated and splayed before other male telepaths in a way I found really interesting in terms of gender roles.

I heard her partner erased the lesbian overtones to the Renunciates books in the new editions. Anyone else heard that?
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